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tough \tʌf\ Sévère, austère, rude. The wilderness is tough and unforgiving. Either you prepare for it, or you don’t return. Laborieux, pénible, rude. The work is tough, but it pays well. Difficile, dur, pénible.It was a tough game, but we won in the end. Robuste.This
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Another word for tough. Find more ways to say tough, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world’s most trusted free thesaurus. But there was only one rib broke, and I guess it healed all right, because she was young and tough.
『TOUGH』(タフ)は,猿渡哲也による日本の漫畫。前作『高校鉄拳伝タフ』の続編で,『週刊ヤングジャンプ』(集英社)において,2003年35號より2012年34號(7月19日発売)まで連載された [1]。単行本は39巻まで刊行された。単行本の帯には毎回,実在の格闘家が漫畫に関連するコメントを殘して
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TOUGH: Suite of Simulators for Nonisothermal …

The TOUGH (“Transport Of Unsaturated Groundwater and Heat”) suite of software codes are multi-dimensional numerical models for simulating the coupled transport of water, vapor, non-condensible gas, and heat in porous and fractured media. Developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in the early 1980s primarily for geothermal reservoir engineering, the suite of simulators
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22/8/2020 · Being tough is about much more than talking a big game. Tough people handle difficult situations with strength and grace. They stay positive instead of letting cynicism rule the day, and they’re the ones who volunteer to help when someone
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Tough Runner UK organise the unique, entertaining running events in Wales & England. Known for the element of ‘Tough’ and truely awesome experience. “Tough Runner events are truly amazing experiences, I ran in the Garwnant Epic 10k and enjoyed it so much I
Nokia 800 Tough
Nokia 800 Tough 通過軍事標準測試,可以防水防塵,防止意外墜落,乃至抵禦極端溫度。機身採用防滑塗層,配以橡膠處理按鍵,是處理大量工作的理想手機選擇。
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TOUGH SOLAR 太陽能手錶 Q1 太陽能手錶要多久才能充好電? A1 不同型號的太陽能手錶會有不同的狀況. 請參考隨錶附贈的使用手冊 您認為此常見問題對您的幫助為

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TOUGH官網 TOUGH 中文網站 TOUGH專櫃 TOUGH特賣情報 創作者介紹 品牌誌 流行品牌誌 品牌誌 發表在 痞客邦 留言(1) 人氣() E-mail轉寄 全站分類:時尚流行 個人分類: TOUGH(短夾)) | 眾多商店提供TOUGH(短夾),共127筆TOUGH(短夾)商品在Yahoo 奇摩
tough; tough·en; tough·ie; tough·ish; tough·ly; tough·ness;
Darn Tough 有全世界最強的品質與保固。 40年製襪技術搭配上美麗諾羊毛的舒適感。 造就一雙無人能敵的襪子,夠強悍,超耐穿。 只有我們能做到終身保固。沒錯,終身保固! 穿
2015快樂自拍 | 奧林巴斯影像官網 - OLYMPUS
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Tough Duck apparel is strong enough to protect people for the toughest jobs, the harshest climates and any adventure life has to offer. Our Story Established in the late 1930s, our journey required perseverance and fortitude to get us where we are today. Come learn
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Global homepage of Olympus Group. As a leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology, we provide innovative medical systems, scientific solutions around the world. Jan. 28, 2021 Info Notice regarding Acquisition of Quest Photonic Devices B.V. (to …
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